Home To School Transition

Successful Home to School Transition Services

Breakthrough Interventions, LLC provides home to school transition for children entering preschool and kindergarten. This service ensures that your child’s transition from home to school is successful. We help your child generalize their skills from home to school environments. This includes:


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  • teaching the child how to take direction from teachers and peers
  • completing school work independently (avoiding prompt dependency)
  • navigating the classroom on his/her own
  • helping the child with social facilitation by teaching them how to reference their peers
  • engaging in reciprocal conversations
  • teaching the child how to appropriately play with their peers during class and at recess


We offer either full-time or part-time support based on each child’s needs.

Our ultimate goal is to mainstream your child into the classroom so that they eventually become independent, requiring little to no support.



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